By: Shelley B.

I have been a client of Don's for over 15 years and have looked to his extensive knowledge and wide range of experience to assist me through numerous life changes during this time. Don was always very patient and accommodating when I was indecisive and tried to provide the best guidance for achieving the result I told him I wanted. He took the time to understand my needs and the needs of those affected by the moves I was making and gave informed, unbiased suggestions. Don is exceptionally professional and can be counted on to go the extra mile to achieve the client's desired result. I highly recommend Don for anyone's real estate needs. He has guided me through the purchase and sale of my last four homes and finally found the dream home I didn't even know I wanted!

By: Bernie D.

Don has been extremely helpful during my buying process, when i went to purchase my home, His knowledge and skill showed time after time. when we viewed homes he was honest and straightforward ?pointing out pros and cons of homes i did not see right away. during the negotiations i could not have asked for better, getting the home i wanted at the price that was awesome. . It does not end there, Don has kept in touch with me though out the years, When it came time for me to decide on rental property he put my mind at ease. I had questions about rent to own, about tenants, landlord tenant act and what is my best options. I have met many agents though out the years and it showed me how valuable a well trained experienced professional is. Don is by far, hands above anyone that i came in contact with.He owns several investment properties himself and well versed in knowing the in and outs of the residential tenancy board. There is no one else i trust with my investment

By: Jason P.

On a number of occasions has provided me with expert knowledge of the real estate sector and industry trends. I have found him to be patient, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients are fully equipped with the acts before making any decisions. But what i like most about Don is his dedication to being prompt. He responds to quarries right away and understands time is money.

By: Lauren G, Landlord

"When I was seeking advice about how to give my tenants proper notice to sell my rental property and use the proper procedures, Don Rochford was very informative. He was the first to step up and offer his expertise. He explained to me the best way to work with my tenants on meeting at a move out date that would work for everyone. He went over the tenants rights during the sale process. After speaking with Don for a lengthy conversation I felt confident and informed moving forward. I appreciate Don offering his time to assist me with my rental and I would highly recommend speaking with him about your tenant/ landlord needs."

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